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Welcome to our gallery of underfoot luxury. Build the perfect look for your home with our inspo snaps below. Loving that look? We do too!

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Dreamtime Simple Cotton Rug - Rainbow
Marmoucha Diamond Double Cotton Reversible Rug - Black
Raw Love Double Cotton Comfort Rug - Natural White
Zealand Simple Cotton Rug

Cadaqués Double Cotton Runner - Beige

Marmoucha Diamond Double Cotton Reversible Rug - Multicolour

Cadaqués Simple Cotton Rug - Beige

Cadaqués Double Cotton Runner - Beige

Stylist Tips

Choosing the right rug for your place can seem overwhelming with so many stunning designs and textures on offer these days. But there are 3 fool proof ways you master the art of styling your space with rugs;


  • Size does matter and the more generous the size the bigger your space will feel. Ensuring at least one piece of furniture in the space connects with the rug will ensure you anchor the rug to create a homely feel in your space.
  • Colour and pattern are also important when it comes to rug selections. Rugs are like artwork, you can base your entire room scheme on your rug selection by pulling out key colours for small decor items such as cushions and vases.
  • Texture – Layering rugs is a modern way to add interest and texture to your space. And also a great way to work with existing rugs, using a large plain colour flat weave as your base then add interest by layering over a second smaller more textural design with a hint of colour.
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